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Copenhagen Commute:
Exploring Transportation Options

Discover the seamless and eco-friendly transportation options that Copenhagen has to offer. Whether you prefer strolling through the city’s charming streets, cycling along scenic routes, utilizing the efficient public transport system, or opting for a convenient taxi ride, Copenhagen has a solution for every traveler’s needs. Read on to explore the various transportation methods that make getting around this vibrant city a breeze.


Denmark is famous for being a county of the bicycles. Almost every Danish citizen owns at least one bike and many use it every day as their primary transport vehicle.  In Copenhagen you will see a thousand of bicycles driving in their own lanes on the road. You can rent a bicycle and enjoy the city in the fresh air and take all the time you need. 

By foot

One of the easiest ways to get around is by foot. Even though Copenhagen is a large city you can come around easily by foot.
You will have trouble finding a road that does not have pavement for pedestrians
as well as the biggest shopping street “Strøget” being for pedestrians only. So take a stroll and explore the cozy feeling of wonderful Copenhagen.


If you want the quick and direct transportation you can get a taxi for you ride. All taxi companies in Denmark are registered so it is safe to take a taxi no matter where and when. Be aware that if you drive though the city in rush hour it can be an expensive and slowly transport form.

Public Transport

Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark has a developed and effective public transport. In Copenhagen you can use the Metro to bring you around in the town quickly an effective. Otherwise you can use the yellow public busses or if you want to go outside Copenhagen you can use a big variety of train routes. 

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