WFC 2025


About WFC 2025

The WFC’s World Congress is a congress held every other year in a different host country. The congress is one of the largest chiropractic congresses in the world, with participants from all continents. It is open to all chiropractors and serves as a link between research and clinical practice.

The participants

Close to 1,000 participants from around the world will attend the congress. Most participants will be clinicians practicing in a chiropractic clinic, but there will also be researchers from universities and research institutions worldwide, as well as chiropractors employed in hospitals, healthcare clinics, sports clubs, or in administrative positions.

Additionally, politicians from national chiropractic associations will participate, along with stakeholders from other organizations and professional societies.

The congress

The congress spans three full days, during which there will be various plenary and breakout sessions throughout the day. The target audience is clinical practice, which will also be reflected in the program, focusing on the latest knowledge, research, and how it can be implemented in practice. There will be sessions where new research is presented by researchers from around the world, as well as sessions of a more clinical nature that provide participants with hands-on experience. During all breaks, catering will be provided in the common area, where you will have the opportunity to meet sponsors and exhibitors.


World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC)

The World Federation of Chiropractic was established in 1988 and are working with the global development of chiropractic profession.  
The WFC’s voting members are national associations of chiropractors. Representing the interests of the profession in over 90 countries worldwide, the WFC has advocated, defended, and promoted the profession across its 7 world regions. 
The WFC has a vision of a world where people may enjoy universal access to chiropractic so that populations may thrive and reach their full potential. To help achieve this, the WFC works to advance awareness, utilization, and integration of chiropractic internationally. 

The Danish Chiropractors' Association (DCA)

Founded in 1925, the DCA is a professional association organizing more than 1000 chiropractors and chiropractic students. The DCA is the representative body ensuring chiropractors in and around the Danish healthcare system. And ensuring that chiropractic is practised under well-organized and regulated conditions in Denmark. The DCA is highly engaged in the promotion and development of chiropractic, research, and education, and the DCA cooperates closely with national and international partners and organizations. Together with the Danish Government the DCA runs the chiropractic Foundation which support research and other projects. Over the last 30 years the fund has contributed over 100 million US dollars to research and other projects to develop the profession.

The Chiropractic Knowledge Hub

Founded On 15 June 1990 as the Nordic Institute of Chiropractic and Clinical Biomechanics (NIKKB), the Chiropractic Knowledge Hub advances musculoskeletal health to the benefit of citizens and the society, nationally and internationally. The core task of the Chiropractic Knowledge Hub is to support the role of the chiropractic profession in the Danish health system as well as contributing to the evidence-based managing of musculoskeletal matters. The researchers at Chiropractic Knowledge Hub have contributed to over 600 peer-review articles and many of the researchers are global leading experts within their fields. 

Steering Committee

Richard Brown
Secretary-General, World Federation of Chiropractic
Jakob Bjerre
Director, Danish Association of Chiropractic
Henrik Wulff Christensen
Director, Chiropractic Knowledge Hub
Christian Ankerstjerne
Head of Public Affairs and Communication, Danish Association of Chiropractic
Andreas Bue Tøllner
Head of Congress, Chiropractic Knowledge Hub

Local Organising Committee

Andreas Bue Tøllner
Head of Congress
Christian Ankerstjerne
Head of Communication
Hanne Kvalheim
Planning and Logistics (PCO)
Katerina Vicen
Sponsorship and Exhibition (PCO)
Ida Blom Engelsholm
Communication and Media
Isabella From Sørensen
Communication and Media
Sidney Rubinstein
Abstracts and Review
Henrik Wulff Christensen
Abstracts and Review
Anette Ravn Nørregaard
Academic Programme
Louise Aagaard Hansen
Academic Programme
Asger Torning
Susanne Løndal Nielsen
Hospitality and Tourism

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